Foundation’s Mission and Goals


The foundation’s mission is to support children with inborn Immune deficiency as well as their families. Illnesses which afflict our Charges are very rare, hence our attempt to help to the biggest possible extent.

Funds collected by the foundation are allocated to the most important needs of the afflicted children that we support

We support financially:

with the diagnostics which is not funded by the NHS;

to cover the costs of the pharmaceuticals;

to help purchase the necessary medical equipment and facilities;

We educate:

by organizing medical seminars;

promoting and popularizing the knowledge concerning the inborn Immune deficiency;

taking care of growth of the societal awareness respecting the issues of everyday life of the people with inborn Immune deficiency;


We help to tame the disease:

we organize an annual active leisure for the children and their families called, gratefully, “Immunozlot”;

we help our Charges to develop their unusual passions.