House Renovation for One of Our Charges- Dominik Skiba


In June 2013, Mr and Mrs Skiba received an old apartment from the Otwock’s local government which required a substantial amount of work on renovation and do-up.

The family of our Charge, Dominik Skiba, was not able to cover the costs of the renovation on its own. Our Foundation got involved in finding people of goodwill who would help to fund the renovation from scratch, i.e. from a professional architectural plan, conducting the necessary windows, floor, radiators replacements as well as the rearrangement of the walls, to finishing the woodwork and purchasing housewares.

Nowadays, bearing in mind Polish reality, as it gets very hard to be receive a friendly gesture from people of goodwill or any selfless activity for the ill and in need, we would like to thank all our donors and givers for their involvement and help.

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